Fertilizers and Soil Amendments

Fertrell Organic Fertilizers

Since 1946

Super N 4-2-4  Specially formulated as a multi-purpose plant food.  It provides readily available nutrients to get the germinating seedling off to a fast and vigorous start.  While, at the same time, supplies time-released nutrients that continue to feed the crop through the entire growing period.  Because of the unique formulation of Super N, the entire plant food requirements of a crop can be applied in the row. $42.37/50 lb bag

Berry Mix  A blended plant food specially aimed at more, bigger and tastier berries.  Safe and easy to use.  Works in most soil types.  Best time to apply is at the end of the season.  $44.51/50 lb bag

Greensand  This iron-potassium silicate is mined from natural deposits in the Garden State itself, New Jersey. Greensand loosens clay, increases moisture by up to ten times and contains over 30 trace minerals. These properties make it a perfect soil conditioner for both agricultural and horticultural applications. $29.96/50 lb bag

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Retail bags are available at the farm and at the farmers markets upon request.  Contact us at orchardpond@gmail.com for bulk pricing.  Products also available in 1 ton totes. 

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